Your Virginia  LGBTQIA+ Youth-led Advocacy Group

The Pride Liberation Project is the only student-led organization advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights in Virginia.

We’re entirely led by high school students, and work to create empowering schools and communities for all LGBTQIA+ students in Fairfax County and Virginia. 

Our  Theory of Change

Our values drive our theory of change. We recognize that no student can champion our community alone. That’s why we strive to build diverse coalitions of LGBTQIA+ students, partner with like-minded organizations and movements, and take actions that are generally open to all.

We also believe that no political party or politician is entitled to our support. As such, we don’t endorse in elections and permanently oppose or support any elected official.

Most importantly, we don’t want to divide our communities further. We won’t pit the LGBTQIA+ community against other marginalized communities, as other groups have done. Instead, we use our coalition-centered political advocacy to uplift all in our community.

Pride Liberation Project In the News

We’re LGBTQIA+ students in Fairfax County. We’re tired of our lives being used for political gain.

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