Pride Liberation Project


Unfortunately, LGBTQIA+ students in Virginia are disproportionately impacted by the mental health crisis, harassment, and discrimination. While data is limited, the best data resource in FCPS indicates that: 

  1. 50 percent of LGBQ students experienced depressive symptoms in the past year. 
  2. 32 percent of LGBQ students considered suicide in the past year.
  3. 25 percent of LGBQ students have been sexually harassed. 

These statistics are likely an undercount as they do not include the transgender community. Future youth surveys will include trans students.

GLSEN National School Survey

GLSEN’s Nation School Survey reports that in Virginia as a whole:

  1. Upwards of 70 percent of Queer students hear anti-LGBTQIA+ remarks at schools
  2. Upwards of 70 percent of Queer students have been harrased or assaulted at school, and more than 25 percent of Queer students have been physically harrased. 
  3. 14 percent of Queer students have heard school staff say homophobic remarks